08 July 2012

New stamp on London Olympics 2012..



Canada Post, in collaboration with the Canadian Olympic Committee and Rowing Canada Aviron, has unveiled a stamp to honour Canada's journey on the road to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The stamp highlights the dynamic sport of rowing.

The stamp depicts a double-scull boat gliding over a sheet of water. The boat appears to create its own wake as it moves, pushing out over the blue edge as if to show it crossing the finish line.

Technical specialty of the stamp : The stamp measures 40 mm x 24 mm with 13+ perforations and is printed by Lowe-Martin on Tullis Russell paper using lithography in seven colours. The metallic ink was used to enhance the ripples in the water so it creates the illusion of movement as light plays across the surface of the stamp.

Club News



India’s participation in the World Stamp Championship INDONESIA 2012

Exhibitor / Title of Exhibit / Total marks / Medal

JAIN, Pragya Kothari - “I am Bow and This is my story” – 80  - V

MOHANTY, Biraj Laxmi Mrs.- “Raptors of the world” – 61  - B

KAR, Aiswarya (Youth)  - “United Nations” – 63 - B

SAHOO, Sahadeva “BAMRA (A Feudatory State of British India) Postal and Fiscal History”  - 75 - LS

THAKKAR, Praful “Collectors’ Guide to First Day Covers and Folders of India 1947-1964” – 62  - B

Award Medals

Indonesia2012 medals

INDONESIA 2012 : PCI Trophy

Indonesia2012 PCI Trophy

: Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo , Indian Commissioner – INDONESIA 2012

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