27 June 2012

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Cover Year Book 2011


New edition of Year Book edited by Madan Middha has bee released. The book contains articles by noted philatelists Mr Ashok Bayanwala, Naresh Agarwal and Rajesh Paharia on different branches of Philately.The Year book contains 26 Chapters with all impotant details of philatelic activities of the year 2011 like new issues, Postal stationery,Society News, exhibitions, Indian awardees and many other important details. The book is an essential reference book for all collectors . Philatelists would find this book very useful.

Price : Rs 250 -  US $ 20 

For Book Contact : Madan Middha email : madan_middha@yahoo.co.in

Phone : 9301101244

Brief of PREFACE

It is one of the greatest mysteries I have ever encountered in my life! After all Philately is what? Is it an accumulation of a government product called stamps? Or it is collection of the pre-payment tokens for a service, i.e. the delivery of letters? Is it concerning a commodity or a commercial activity? Is it a pastime or a profession? Is it a hobby for the youth or is it a serious recreational pastime for the matured? Is it History or is it a research subject? Is it the world itself or a window to the world of culture and humanity? Is it a specialised trade or a new investment avenue for the investors? After all what is it? How can Philately be explained and defined properly? How should this great hobby be presented before others including the new-comers? Let us ponder over it once again.

Philately is a Serious Study. Philately is not just collecting stamps; it envisages a serious & deep study of the subject. Look at the Thematic Collections, how deep and far they go! The depth of study for the collection's subject is always commendable in awarded collections. In specialized or period collections it is more focused. Technical aspects of the specialized philatelic studies can match any technology expert's knowledge, in cases. paper quality, ink variety, printing processes and other similar aspects are treated very carefully in these collections.

Philately is a Niche' Investment Avenue. Of late, Philately has started to be recognized as a specialized investment avenue too. Investment advisors are actively suggesting additional investments in to it, with a view to diversify the portfolios of the Big Investors. Prices of classical stamps have been rising fast & constantly over last decades. Gandhi set of 1948, which I myself bought for Rs 100/- in late seventies is being quoted for Rs 45,000/- now. The recent example is of the My Stamp Sheetlets issued at the Indipex 2011 in February 2011. This set of 17 sheetlets is being quoted for Rs 20,000/- against the issue value of Rs 2,550/- . Stamps have proved a good investment if made judiciously.

Now what can we extract from all the above discussion? After all what is philately? Which word can explain all its traits?

After going through a number of dictionaries and thesauruses I fail to find a word which can define the Philately with all its qualities, except the word Philately itself !

So, what now? We surrender. Let the Philately be Philately. Nothing can explain it, but only our pure love & respect for this great hobby. Come; let us re-devote ourselves for it, for it has given us major portion of all our happiness & enjoyments. AMEN.

As usual, let us conclude with happy notes once again. Blessed by the good wishes of our learned readership the “Year Book of Indian Philately” has won a number of more awards. It started the year with a 'Bronze' at the 'INDIPEX 2011' at New Delhi in February 2011, followed by a 'Silver Bronze' at the 'NIPPON 2011' at Yokohama in Japan in August 2011 and a ‘Bronze’ at 'CHINA 2011' at Wuxi in China in November 2011. At home it has won a 'Silver' at the 'SINE 2011' at New Delhi in November 2011. We have surprisingly discovered that the Year Book has won a medal at every competitive exhibition, it has participated in!! We are reproducing here-in-after the score card of the Year Book of Indian Philately for an instant view. Is not this a delighting news? But this imposes a new set of duties too. We have to commit ourselves to higher standards to maintain this record, and…… WE DO.

You can expect a better outcome every next time. We are committed to this.

We trust to have the usual whole hearted support of our learned readership, all the ways; all the times.


Madan Middha


Fiscals of Jamkhandi State – A study

- Col Jayant Dutta and Dr Anjali Dutta

Picture 036

Published by The Army Philatelic Society, Mumbai

Jamkhandi State was one of the princely states of British India. Its capital was at Jamakhandi. It was administered as part of the Bombay Presidency, and later the Deccan States Agency. all fiscal stamps and stamp papers of this state are rare and never found in mint condition.This Monograph by Col Jayanta Dutta and Dr Anjali Dutta gives detailed study of stamp papers and  stamps of  Jamkhandi State. This Monograph is very informative and useful for those collecting Fiscals.


Journal of The Army Philatelic Society

Chief Editor – Col Jayanta Dutta

Picture 035

The newsletter contains interesting  articles on Thematic Philately.This edition contains special articles on Horses, Rhododendron and  Maximaphily .

For above publications Please contact Col Jayanta Dutta at email : doctorjayanta2009@gmail.com 

ITS Stamp News

A complete newsletter on Thematic Philately

Editor – Suraj Jaitly


This issue contains specilalized articles on Thematic Philately by Dr Avinash Jagtap. Dr SK Agarwal and Pradeep Kumar Malik with regular fetures of the magazine.

For newsletter Contact : Suraj Jaitly      Mobile: +91 98728 51244 email : indianthematicsociety@gmail.com

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