22 June 2012

Works of Michal Batory




Date of Issue : 25 May 2012

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Here is a beautiful set of stamps issued by Polish Post featuring the works of famous Polish artist Michal Batory now settled in Paris. His designs are very unusual and most of his work shows human body parts as art objects. In these two stamp  designs lips and nails are featured as art objects.These stamps are perfect collectible items for art lovers !!

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Michal Batory is a famous graphic designer in France.   Michel Batory often works for theatre companies like "le theâtre CHAILLOT" and created a big advertising campaign for it.  His art is his work with the human body : he diverts it and uses it like an object. He uses it in funny or strange positions. On the flip side, he uses objects or food as if they were human. He adds human body parts like hands, eyes or arms.


His posters are a shake-up of collage using objects and typography in movement words are used like subjects or pictures.The typography is original, funny and dynamic. You could say that Michal Batory changes and confuses codes of conventional typography.


He uses words not only for information, but also to participate in the picture and accentuate it. Each emotion felt in the poster is the emotion of the theatrical work he is illustrating. In the photo (the mouth), one can suppose that the piece of theatre will be about woman and her sensuality.

Michal Battory is a sensitive artist who uses objects and emotions in a thoughtful manner.

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Born August 25, 1959 in Lodz, Poland Living in Paris since September 1987

1979 – 1985
Studied at the Visual Arts College in Lodz, Graphic Arts Department, major: poster (in Prof. Boguslaw Balicki’s studio)

1988 – 1993
Worked at graphic design agencies in Paris Since 1994 an independent graphic designer


1994 · Graphic design for Le fil d’argent, exhibition at Cité des Sciences


1996 · Audience Award
at the Poster Festival in Chaumont, France (for the poster La Femme sur le lit)

1998 · Third Prize in the competition L’enfance n’est pas un jeu d’enfant,
Poster Museum in Essen, Germany

1998 · First Prize in a French cultural poster competition
(for the poster Le Siège de Leningrad)

1999 · 2nd Prize at the International Poster Festival in Chaumont, France
(for the poster IRCAM-EIC)

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Works of Michal Batory

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