07 January 2012

New stamps on Railways..



To mark the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Alishan Forest Railway  , Chunghwa Post (Taiwan Post) is issuing a souvenir sheet.

Hi ! Here is a beautiful souvenir sheet to be issued by Taiwan post and just wish to share with all of you. It is a wonderful item for the collectors of Railways and Tourism themes. Now I am on way to Bhubaneshwar to attend stamp fair  and pleased to write about this souvenir sheet  on Railways while travelling in train.. Well a Post on Railways from the train…Just for you !!

The souvenir sheet has a bright color scheme with mountains and a route map in the background. Four different trains are featured. One of the two stamps features one train pulled by a No.31 steam engine passing through flowering cherry trees (NT$25); and the other, headed by a diesel engine, is coming out of the No.1 tunnel (NT$5). Elsewhere on the sheet there is a train on the No.13 Bridge over the Niuchou River and a train being pulled by the No. 25 steam engine.

100th Anniversary of the Alishan Forest Railway Stamp

Alishan, with its beautiful natural scenery and rich ecological resources, is a world famous tourist destination. The Beimen to Erwanping section of Alishan Forest Railway officially opened to traffic on December 25, 1912. Along with the mountain's sacred trees, sunrise, sunset, and sea of clouds, the railway is one of the "Five Wonders of Alishan." The Alishan Forest Railway was once a very busy train track because of logging on the mountain. With changes to Taiwan's economic structure, the railway's role has shifted from a transporter of lumber to a cultural asset with its scenic spots and historical architecture dating from a century ago.

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