13 January 2012

Dragon Stamp from Hong Kong…


dr dr


A set of special stamps based on the theme of "Year of the Dragon" will be released on January 14, 2012. "Year of the Dragon" is the first special stamp issue of the fourth Lunar New Year Animal series by Hong Kong Post. Almighty and commanding respect, the dragon is not only a totem for superior status, but also for the Chinese race. The stamp  featuring different representations of the dragon and a silk stamp sheetlet will  be issued.

From Our Readers..

Prof.V.S.Yalvigi of  Bangalore has created a special cover for 12.1.12. He may be contacted for these covers.

Special cover with cancellation of 12.1.12


: Prof.V.S.Yalvigi, Bangalore  - e mail : vsyal2001@yahoo.com


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