10 January 2012

Glimpses of Stamp Fair, Bhubneshwar



Stamp design contest : Paintings by children

Hi ! Here are some more pics of Stamp Fair , Bhubneshwar. The show which will be memorable to me for ever.  I spent a great time with large number of philatelists and stamp dealers from Orissa,West Bengal, Bihar and other states. The team leaders of this show  Mr SS Rath,  Dr Bibhudatta Mishra, Mr Anil Dhir, Mr Ajit Dash, Mr Kashinth Sahoo and all the members of Eastern India Philatelists’ Association   need  a great applaud  for organizing this show successfully . The significant part of the show was that this show was purely for promotion of philately . All the dealers sold items at very moderate price so a large number of crowd could be seen at all stalls. The fair was visited by Several  distinguished personalities of Bhubaneswar  and philatelists from all parts of the country.  For me, the show was memorable as I got a chance to meet many friends and philatelists. The city of temple, Bhubaneshwar  is always my favourite city as it is the city of art and culture with great people !!


Members of EIPA : Gangadhar Tripathy, Kamal Chakrabarty, Dr Bibhudatta Mishra, SS Rath Anil Dhir,Aji Dash, Debashish Mitra, Anup Raut and others  with President of  EIPA. Shri Bijoyshree  Routray  ( Sitting in the middle) 






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Thanks a lot for announcing the successful conduct of 1st Odisha Stamp Mela 2012 in Bhubaneswar in your Esteemed Blog. Thanks for visiting Bhubaneswar and participating in the Stamp Mela.

Debashis Mitra
Vice President, EIPA.

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