12 April 2011

New Europa 2011 stamps…


Europa 2011 – Year of Forests

To be issued on 27 April 2011

Hi ! Here is a new set of stamps to be issued by Romania Post on 27 April to commemorate Europa 2011 - Year of Forests as well as International Year of Forests. The stamps with wonderful design are sure to attract the collectors !! I have some interesting news in the Club News section. My thanks to Mr Sekhar Chakrabarti and Mr Sreejesh Krishnan for today’s Post. This is all for Today…Till Next Post…..Have a Nice Time !!

Club News

I have received a forwarded mail about some Unique & Special Postage Stamps issued round the world which I just wish to share here… Though I have already published some of these stamps on this blog sometimes back….But some might have been missed. Here is a quick round-up of unique stamps issued in the past few years.

Unique Postage Stamps

These are some really unique postage stamps, from a stamp that looks & smells like chocolates to a cloth stamp to even a CD-ROM stamp!

Unique & Special Postage Stamps

This stamp was printed on silver foil by the government of Tonga:

These stamps issued in Malaysia feature a variety of nocturnal animals and actually glow in the dark:

In 2004, Switzerland issued this wooden stamp made from 120-year-old fir trees:

Switzerland also produced this embroidered stamp in 2000, celebrating the world-famous embroidery created in St. Gallen, one of the Swiss cantons:

This Austrian stamp from 2005 is similarly made of threads, embroidered into the design of the Edelweiss, the well-known alpine flower. The stamp was issued in honour of the Austrian embroidery industry, which dates back to the eighteenth century. The stamp has a self-adhesive backing, but can even be worn if so desired

Austria Post also produced in the world’s first stamp made of soccer ball material in 2008, to mark the UEFA Euro soccer tournament:

(on the right: famous Lufthansa's soccer ball airplane paint scheme)
In 2006, Austria issued this curious stamp, which could even be said to be out of this world. The stamp contains 0.03 grams of dust from a meteorite found in Morocco two years earlier, which was fixed to the stamp with a special adhesive:

These cloth stamps from Grenada, the Gambia, Sierra Leone and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, honour the humble teddy bear:

The Rock of Gibraltar is one of the world’s most recognized natural features and it appeared on this Gibraltar stamp in more ways than one in 2002. The stamp’s top layer is actually embellished with finely pulverized pieces of rock from the famous landmark:

This 2007 stamp printed on thinly sliced cork is from Portugal, commemorating the country’s cork industry, which produces around 30% of the world supply:

A Singapore souvenir set of $5 stamps from 2008 was covered in beads on a sheet shaped like a handbag:

Several countries around the world have produced scented stamps offering a variety of different aromas. The small Himalayan nation of Bhutan was probably the first nation to issue this type of stamp in 1973. These stamps were perfumed to smell like roses:

In celebration of the Year of the Pig in 2007, China really did issue a stamp bearing the aroma of sweet and sour pork (above, right). It is rumoured that the stamp’s adhesive actually tasted a little like the famous Chinese delicacy, but this is far from established fact.

Issued to raise awareness of the dangers of forest fires, these Brazilian stamps smell of burnt wood:

Also from Brazil, where most of the planet’s supply of coffee beans originates, this stamp is scented with thearoma of coffee, one of the country’s largest exports:

Another country renowned for a product derived from beans is Switzerland, world famous for its chocolate. This stamp was sold in a foil-wrapped booklet, similar to most chocolate bars. However, the stamp merely smells like chocolate and apparently when licked tastes exactly like glue:

In honor of the centenary of the Nobel Prizes in 2001, the United Kingdom issued this stamp with the scent of eucalyptus. When the stamp is scratched, eucalyptus aroma, hidden in tiny capsules in the stamp’s top layer, is released:

The stamp shown above right is giving off sandalwood scent;

Several countries have placed moving images on their stamps. This one from Austria includes forty eight images, which allow a three second “movie” to appear when the stamp is viewed from certain angles.

The small Himalayan nation of Bhutan is famous for its stamps, including the first ever stamp made of steel:

These embossed stamps, depicting famous world leaders, are printed on plastic:

These stamps issued in 1973 by Bhutan are also real phonograph records. They contain traditional folk songs and an oral history of the kingdom, in both English and Bhutanese, and really can be played on a record player:

More recently, Bhutan introduced postage stamps that doubled as actual

CD-ROMs. One is entitled “Bhutan: In Harmony with Nature”, the other “Bhutan: 100 Years of Monarchy”.

: Pradip Kr. Ray

Commemorative Stamp of IMMANUEL SEKARANAR

fg 4

Date of release ….09th October 2010:

India post come now confirms the date of release of Immanuel Sekaranar stamp and it is 09th October 2010. Earlier the actual date of release of this stamp was controversial.



Collectable Stamp series to commemorate World Cup Cricket Cricket 2011

Recent stamps issued by some countries on World Cup Cricket Cricket 2011 are available with Mr Pradip Jain. He may be contacted at : philapradip@gmail.com

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