13 April 2011

Green Living Stamps from Hong Kong….



Green Living

Date of Issue : 14 April 2011

Hong Kong Post will issue a set of 4 Stamps on “ Green Living” theme.Gentle and refreshing to the eyes, this set of 4 stamps is linked by the recurring motifs of a green leaf and mother earth. It is an artistic invitation to conserve valuable resources and to preserve our beautiful planet.

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To improve Hong Kong’s environment and to protect our home planet, going green is the only answer. In fact, with a little thought to energy conservation and emission reduction, we can all do our part to build a better future for generations to come. In refreshing and uplifting colours, the set features a tender green shoot to highlight the four major elements in a green lifestyle. The blue planet is cleverly worked into the design to symbolise the close relationship between human life and global ecology, calling on people to treasure precious resources and Mother Earth.


$1.40 – Conserve Water - We must use our scarce and precious fresh water responsibly – not wasting, but conserving and reusing every drop. To this end, we can save water by not turning the tap on too far, taking showers instead of baths, reusing the water from washing vegetables and fruits to water plants, and doing much more.

$2.40 – Clean Air - Air pollution is a worrying problem that needs to be confronted. To improve air quality, we must make every small green change in our daily lives that will help support greening. For example, we can use public transport where possible, choose eco-friendly cars and switch off idling engines.


$3 – Save Energy - Over-consumption of energy in households contributes to environmental pollution and increasing energy shortage. There are plenty of smart ways to conserve energy. We can turn on lighting only when needed, switch to energy-saving light bulbs, keep doors and windows shut when air-conditioning is on, and use energy-efficient ways of cooking such as steaming and stir-frying.

$5 – Recycle - Hong Kong has to deal with a large volume of rubbish every day, which adds to the pressure on landfills. To help solve the issue, we must make efforts to reduce waste at source and recycle for reuse, for example, proper use of waste separation facilities to facilitate recycling and taking recyclable items to recyclers.


The leaf-shaped design of the stamp sheetlet echoes with the theme of green living and conveys the message of cherishing the Earth.

: Hong Kong Post

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