16 March 2009

Plant for the Planet.. !

Plant for the Planet

Hi ! Climate Change and Global warming are important global issues of these days. Seminars and special programmes are organized to create awareness about it. But philatelically this issue has been described very well by the stamps issued by different nations on this subject.Here are some recent stamps from Spain depicting Civic Values. These nice stamps give a good message to fight against climate change. And the collaboration through the campaign Plant for the Planet, are two of the programmes launched by the United Nations to involve civil society and tackle the environmental challenges our Planet faces. Both issues together with the Reconciliation of work and family life are the themes chosen for this year's civic values issue.Well these are the wonderful stamps to be added in environment theme. In the second part of the post there are some nice photographs on by renowned photographer Chris Killip to be issued by Isle of Man in April 2009 . Though this issue not related with environment but it depicts the wor of a famous photographer who is also a Professor of Environmental Studies.This is all for this morning .......Till Next Post ....Have a Nice Time !

Fight against Climate Change

Pictures caught by Chris Killip

A series of eight stamps, featuring the work of internationally renowned photographer Chris Killip, will be issued in April. Chris Killip, a Manxman, who is currently Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University, captured a number of photographic images of the Isle of Man and its country people which was published in book form in 1980. The work is unique because it documents in visual form a record of an Island which was in change and has now gone forever.

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