12 March 2009

50th Anniversary of Barbie Doll...

Hi ! I have just come across a lovely stamp on Barbie Doll issued by Monaco on 7 February 2009. Doll have always been assoicated with children all over the world. Barbie is famous amongst children in every country.It was created in 1959 and its 50th anniversary is being celebrated thi year. This postage-stamp shown here is dedicated to the Barbie doll created in 1997, dressed for the 50th anniversary of its first fashion show featuring the famed “new look” silhouette.In second part of this Post some nice Greeting stamps issued by Ireland. Sometimes back I wrote about beautiful wedding stamps of Ireland. These are the recent Greeting stamps designed specially for all of greetings cards including birthday cards and party invitations.This is all for this morning...... Till Next Post ......Have a Nice Time !

50th anniversary of the Barbie Doll
Date of Issue - 7 February 2009

Barbie Doll, the favourite of children was created in 1959 and over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide.

Greeting stamps by Ireland
Date of Issue - 6 March 2009

The stamps show the fun and enjoyment associated with sending and receiving traditional and festive greetings by post. One stamp shows a little girl, assisted by her father, posting a card, and the other stamp shows the happy recipient.

Greetings Stamp Booklet

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