16 December 2008

For Lovers of Coins, Birds & Autographs

Hi ! Today's post is related with coins, autographs and birds.I just came across these beautiful coins issued by Gibraltar to extend the festivity of Christmas. These coins are issued with a beautiful Christmas Card. I am so thrilled to see them that I just can't wait to put them in other Post.Here are also some beautiful birds from Gibraltar which have been depicted on Definitive stamps issued by Gibraltar on 15 February 2008. After the items for coin lovers & bird lovers, I have an interesting news clipping for autograph lovers. I am pleased to write that the person about whom the news is published is a noted autograph Collector of Kolkata and also our distinguished member.So today's Post is a bit off philately but many of you are philatelists as well as coin & autograph collectors.This is a cocktail special post for all of you. Like Poland, Gibraltar is also my favourite Postal Administration. Its colorful magnificent stamps always fascinate me that I am thrilled to put them immediately on Blog. Well, the bright colours make us cheerful and lively. They add glitter to our life and so are these shining coins and colorful birds ! In our regular series, some nice FDCs of Se-tenant stamps on Greetings from the collection of Mr. Shrikant Parikh.I hope today's Post is going to add some colours in the preparation of your Christmas celabrations. Just enjoy the Post !....&.... Have a Fantastic Time !......

Christmas Coins from Gibraltar

Each year, Gibraltar issues a commemorative 50 pence coins commemorating Christmas. 250 limited edition coin card have been produced by the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau in close co-operation with the Gibraltar Ministry of Finance.This beautiful coin is made from Copper-Nickel and has a "diamond finish" which is somewhere between the appearance of a regular uncirculated coin and the mirror finish of a proof coin.The 2008 Christmas 50 pence coin from Gibraltar depicts a reindeer driven carriage . The other side of this coin has an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Birds from Gibraltar
Gibraltar has long been known as a key location for observing birds. The ‘Birds of the Rock’ Definitive focuses on some of the beautiful birds that grace Gibraltar’s skies. Featured birds are:

Woodchat Shrike: a common migrant through Gibraltar, particularly during the spring when birds are often observed sitting on tombstones at North Front Cemetery.

Balearic Shearwater: This scarce bird only nests in the Balearic islands but regularly migrates past Gibraltar to and from the Atlantic. Some are nearly always to be seen off Europa Point and large movements sometimes occur. As with other shearwaters, the rapid wave-skimming flight is distinctive.

Eagle Owl: A pair settled in Gibraltar to breed on the Rock’s cliffs during the mid 2000s and has remained in Gibraltar since. Our resident pair is present all year round.

Razorbill: A succession of flocks of these migrants can often be seen from Europa Point, the birds passing in tight groups low over the water. The whirring flight is distinctive. A few individuals are often seen fishing inshore in winter, even in the harbour.

Egyptian vulture - Small numbers occur regularly over Gibraltar in spring and autumn. Bred formerly. A couple of pairs nested on the Rock until the 1930s but no longer.

Mediterranean Shag - A small breeding colony of 5-8 pairs of this threatened seabird breeds in sea caves along the east side of Rock. The Gibraltar colony is possibly the only one left on mainland Iberia.

European Bee-eater - These very colourful, tropical-looking birds migrate past Gibraltar in some numbers during the spring and late summer. They breed mainly around the Mediterranean but also in central Europe.

Hoopoe - The Hoopoe breeds throughout the Mediterranean and is known to many locals as ‘Gallito de Marzo’. They are particularly noticeable around the Alameda Gardens in March during its main migration period every spring.

Bonelli’s Eagle - Formally resident in Gibraltar, it still breeds in Spain and young birds are sometimes seen on the Rock. It bred in here until the early 20th Century, its disappearance probably a result of the disturbance caused during the runway construction.

Blue Rock Thrush: An attractive, large, bluish songbird which is a fairly common species on cliffs around Gibraltar throughout the whole year. It is sometimes also found on buildings and rooftops in town, especially during the winter.
Honey Buzzard: A very numerous passage migrant at Gibraltar during the late spring and late summer. Among the most numerous of birds of prey past Gibraltar during migration periods.

Lesser Kestrel: This small, endangered falcon breeds in Gibraltar and also migrates past the Rock, to and from its African wintering quarters. Ten to fifteen pairs breed on the cliffs at North Front. Their traditional feeding grounds in nearby Spain have all but disappeared and the Rock’s population is threatened with extinction.

Sanjay Joshi - The passionate collector of Autographs

Published in Times of India, Kolkata edition,14 Dec. 2008

A Journey to Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

Greetings - 15 December 2007

With larger stamps - A variety

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