19 December 2008

EU Capital Cities on Polish Stamps - II


Hi ! This Post is in continuation with the last post depicting European Union capital cities on stamps issued by Poland on 24 October 2008. These stamps show capital cities- Athens, Copenhagen and Vienna. The FDCs in five different cool colours are superb as well as stamps are also beautiful. We have recenly created two more blogs. But these are not on philately. We have posted some beautiful pictures of Himachal Pradesh's Natural Heritage. Those who love nature may visit these blogs. The links are www.beautiful-himachal.blogspot.com & www.magnificenthimachal.blogspot.com This is all off philately to change your mood. Coming back to philatelic items, some nice FDCs of se-tenant stamps from the collection of our distinguished member Mr. Shrikant Parikh. This is all for today !........Till Next Post.....Have a Wonderful Time !....

Athens - the AcropolisThe origin of Athens was the Mykines fortress of the 13th century BC erected on a limestone hill, further called Acropolis (Greek: akropolis - upper city). Later a city-state (polis) developed around Acropolis which transformed into a religious centre. After being destroyed by the Persians in the 5th century BC, Athens was reborn magnificently under the rule of Pericles. As a result of conquests, under the rule of Macedonia, Rome, and since the 15th century - Turkey, the city had fallen into decay. It became the capital city of the new Greece only in 1834.
The Acropolis of Athens is today a popular destination for tourists and a symbol of the Ancient Greek civilization. The Parthenon depicted on the stamp was built in 447-432 BC, in honour of Athena Parthenos, patron of the city. Phidias, the most distinguished architect of the Ancient Greece was the designer of decorative elements of this Doric temple. Inside there was a gold and ivory huge Athena's statue presumably also sculpted by Phidias.

Copenhagen - the Royal LibraryA fishing village Havn (Harbour) by the Oresund strait, founded at the beginning of the 11th century developed thanks to a castle built nearby and already in the 15th century it became the Danish capital - Kobenhavn (Harbour of Merchants), important commercial centre for the northern Europe.The stamp presents a photo of the newest part of the Royal Library - one of the biggest in Europe.

It contains, among others, manuscripts of Karen Blixen, Hans Christian Andersen and Soren Kierkegaard. A new building called the Black Diamond (because of a black granite and dark glass used for its construction) was open for the public in 1999.

Vienna - the ParliamentFounded around 500 BC Vienna was originally a Celtic settlement, and later a Roman Vindobona. It constituted a northern edge of the Empire. In the Middle Ages Vienna was a capital city of the Habsburg dynasties. In the 16th and 17th century the city stopped attacks of the Ottoman armies. In the 18th century Vienna flourished and transformed into a cultural capital of Europe.

A new European era was created here during the Congress of Vienna. Vienna has been the capital city of Austria since 1918.The building of the Parliament presented on the postage stamp is a place where both houses of the Austrian Federal Assembly have their sessions. It was created in 1874-1883 based on the design of a Danish architect Theophil von Hansen. The Pallas Athena fountain highlights its Neo-classical character.

Couresy - Polish Post

A Journey to Indian Stamps - FDCs of Se-tenant stamps

From collection of Shrikant Parikh

Aga Khan Foundation - 17 May 2008

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