06 December 2008

Ancient Letters from Israel

Hi ! I have already spent about a week in Kullu & just gettig familiar to this new place. In last seven days I found Kullu a big place like any other city. Today I visited Manali, another famous tourist spot of Himachal Pradesh. It's about 90 minutes drive from Kullu. The way to Manali is really a picturesque view alongwith the Beas river. After visiting various places of Himachal Pradesh, I just can say that whole Himacal Pradesh is full of natural beauty. To see its beauty, you must have lot of stamina to travel along steepy, Zig zag roads and a bit adventurous too, to go through some risky and dangerous path. This is all what I observed during lot of travelling in different parts of Himachal Pradesh. Coming back to philatelic items in today's Post, Here are three beautiful stamps which will be issued by Israel on 17 Decmber 2008 . The three stamps in this depict examples of ancient letters discovered at archeological sites that shed light on important chapters in the history of Eretz Israel. Each of the letters presents significant historical evidence regarding a tumultuous time in the history of Eretz Israel and demonstrates the different writing methods and letter formats utilized in various periods.Rulers employed special messengers to deliver letters to their recipients. The first day cover which is not shown here depicts one such Egyptian messenger, as detailed in an ancient Egyptian wall painting. In our regular series some nice FDCs of se-tenant stamps from the collection of Mr. Shrikant Parikh. This is all for the Day ! ...Till Next Post ..... Have a Great Time!.....

A Journey to Indian Stamps - FDCs of se-tenant stamps

From Collection of Shrikant Parikh

National Parks of India - 31 May 2008

Ist War of Independence 1857 - 9 August 2007

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