04 May 2018

New Special Covers

Birth Centenary of Dr. B.P. Radhakrishna - 30 April 2018 , Science Institute P.O.

Dr. B.P. Radhakrishna (BPR) was the doyen of post-independent Indian Geology. An institution builder par excellence and a distinguished editor, he was a liberal humanist who personified the best of Indian cultural and civilizational values. By his commitment and probity in scientific pursuits, he became the conscience keeper of the Indian Geoscience Community. 
This special cover is released to mark the Birth Centenary of Dr. B.P. Radhakrishna. 

Buddha Purnima : 30 April 2018 ,Bangalore

Buddha Purnima is traditionally celebrated to commemorate the birth of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is also celebrated in South and Southeast Asia as Vesak which also acknowledges the enlightenment and death of Buddha. Department of Posts is happy to release a special cover and a special cancellation on this occasion.

- Suresh R. , Bangalore

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