28 May 2018

Indian Winners at Rocky Mountain Stamp Show 2018, Denver, Colorado, USA

Results of Indian Participants in Rocky Mountain Stamp Show 2018, Denver, Colorado, USA

Congratulations !

Col. Jayanta Dutta, Anup Kumar Goyal, Rajan Jayakar, Anil Reddy

Fiscals of Jodhpur by Col. Jayanta Dutta - Large Gold Medal

A Dialogue with the Flying Jewels by Ramprasad Mahurkar - Gold Medal

Dead Letter office in India till 1947 by Rajan Jaykar - Gold Medal

I Am Mahatma Gandhi by Anup Kumar Goyal - Large Vermeil Medal

Bearing Underpaid and Unpaid Postage due Mails of India 1854-1947 by Rajesh Bhura - Large Vermeil Medal

Cochin State by M. Ramachandran - Large Vermeil Medal

Candle on the Water by K. Sridhar - Large Vermeil Medal

Holograms by Anil Kumar Reddy - Vermeil Medal

Life WitH2Out Me by Om Prakash Jagati - Vermeil Medal

A Rainbow Family by S. Abhishek Large - Silver Medal

The Wonders of Nature by S. Satish Kumar -  Silver Medal

Orchids by Lokeshwara Rao Madiraju - Silver Medal

The Mail by S. Satish Kumar - Bronze Medal

Report by Ajay Kumar Mittal, Commissioner RMSS 2018 India

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