27 January 2018

Working Dogs

Date of Issue : 15 January 2018

Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) issued the first stamp series of 2018 themed "Animals with Various Special Roles - Working Dogs "  featuring three types of well-known working dogs, namely detector dogs, protection dogs and guide dogs.

"This collection highlights the importance of working dogs trained to perform specific tasks to assist humans, for example in crime prevention, detection of concealed substances or objects and to assist visually impaired individuals.

stamp collection displays a sketch of a firefighter and a Border Collie, a policeman and a Belgian Shepherd and a blind man with a Golden Retriever, while the miniature sheet features an illustration of a policeman with a German Shepherd and Labrador.

Source : Malaysia Kini

New Special Cover

Shri Hukkeri Mutt

This special Cover is released to commemorate the birth centenary of Shri Shivalinga Mahashivayogi (2017-18) and in the remembrance of Shri Shivabasava Mahashivayogi of Shri Hukkeri Math, Haveri, the gateway of North Kamataka, which is well known as "Mari Kalyan" and also known for its 'Cardamom fragrance'. 

- Suresh.R, Bengaluru

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