16 January 2018

New Stamps on Greetings

Dream - Smile

I Love You - We'll meet again

Date of Issue : 2 January : 2018

Here is a beautiful Miniature Sheet issued by Danish Post . This Mini sheet has been designed by noted artist, singer, song writer and  Peace Activist Yoko Ono. She is also known for her work in performance art and film making.  The sheet features two stamps with symbolic messages on a moon and Sun. The Moon says 'Dream' and the Sun says 'Smile'. In the background the phrases "I Love You "n We"ll meet again appears. This is a global message for one and all.

Yoko Ono 

Yoko Ono has devoted her life to battling for a world of peace and understanding, and to making people more aware of their surroundings. From October 2017 through February 2018, the Kunsthal Charlottenborg art gallery in Copenhagen is hosting a special exhibition entitled YOKO ONO: TRANSMISSION. It is an exhibition that explores the famous artist’s unique methods of transmitting her insightful messages about artistic philosophy and peace in diverse ways to people all over the world. The minisheet of two stamps has been created specifically for this exhibition.

Press Clippings

Jagannath Mani is a regular contributor to Rainbow Stamp Club and Rainbow Stamp News. I am pleased to share this clipping about him from Indian Express Bangalore edition published on 15 January 2016.

Please view : http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/bengaluru/2016/jan/16/Once-an-Athlete-Mani-now-Owns-Olympian-Stamp-Collection-869380.html

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