06 October 2017

New stamp for Fruit lovers !

Date of Issue : 7 September 2017

Here is a new unique stamp issued by Swiss Post featuring special fruit of Switzerland, Quince. The quince is Switzerland’s Fruit of the Year 2017. The miniature sheet features the refreshing colour and shape of this fruit as well as its sensuous aromas: the fruit on the sheet is treated with a special varnish which releases the aroma when touched. 

FRUCTUS has designated a fruit of the year each year since 2008. The charitable organization was established in 1985 as a nationwide association in Switzerland to promote a gene bank for all fruit varieties and standard orchards.

The name quince derives from the Latin “malum Cydonium”, or Cydonian apple; however, a connection to Cydonia on the island of Crete has not been proven. 

Quince is a stone fruit. While only a few foreign varieties can be eaten raw, the quinces found in Switzerland are known for their heady, fragrant scent and the delicacies that can be prepared from them. 

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