28 October 2017

BRASILIA 2017 - Specialized World Stamp Exhibition

BRASÍLIA-2017 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition is being held at Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, Brazil From 24th to 29th October, 2017. Mr Ajay Kumar Mittal is the National Commissioner from India.  All the results have been declared and available at following link :

http://www.stampbrasilia2017.net.br/assets/pdf/BRASILIA-2017-Palmares_by-CLASS.pdf    ( By Class)

http://www.stampbrasilia2017.net.br/assets/pdf/BRASILIA-2017-Palmares_by-COUNTRY.pdf   ( By Country)

Congratulations to all  Winners

 Ajay Mittal, Lallan Singh, Ilyas Patel, Shubhrajyoti Behera, Avinash Sharma, Dinesh Sharma, Mohanchandran Nair

BRASÍLIA-2017 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition Results of seven exhibits from India

Traditional Philately Class
Ajay Kumar Mittal: Indore State Postal System
Gold 90

Thematic Philately Class
Lallan Singh, Hows and Whys of Birds
Vermil 80

Ilyas Patel, The Story of Building Bridges - An Index of Human Civilization
Large Silver 75

Youth Philately Class
Shubhrajyoti Behera, Wonders of Nature - Conserve it or lose it
Large Silver 76
Avinash Sharma, Olympic Games
Vermil 80

Philatelic Literature Class
Dinesh Chandra Sharma, Philately as a Teaching tool
Silver Bronze 65

Mohanachandran Nair, Ananthapuri Stamp Bulletin
Bronze 63

-Ajay Kumar Mittal 
National Commissioner, India.

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