23 June 2017

New Stamps from India

Survey of India

 Date of Issue : 22 June 2017

India Post issued  a commemorative stamp on Survey of India as part of the year-long celebrations to mark  250th year of Survey of India. The stamp release ceremony  was held in New Delhi .

Stamp on Jhala Manna

Date of Issue : 18 June 2017

A Commemorative Stamp was released in honour of Jhala Manna on 18th June 2017.Jhala Manna is an outstanding dazzling example of extraordinary valour, bravery and sacrifice who shrouded with the glory of struggle for freedom. In the battle of Haldi Ghati in 1576, Jhala Maana decorated himself with the Crown and the royal emblem from Pratap and started fighting valiantly. Jhala Maan has set a unique example of loyalty, bravery and courage by sacrificing his life to save the life of Pratap.

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