17 January 2017

School Days..

Date of Issue : 17 November 2017

Here is a  beautiful set of stamps of Pro Juventure series    from Swiss Post on the theme of schooldays with a pair of motifs: Learning and playing, or blackboard and playground, that is to say Pythagoras and hopscotch. The two poles of our schooldays, the two areas in which we gather a multitude of experiences that will shape our subsequent lives. 

Acquiring knowledge and having fun: both were crucial for our development. Think back to your own childhood. What memories remain unforgettable? How did you fare back then? And how did your colleagues get on? Sure, not everyone had the same opportunities, just like today. And that’s exactly the problem that Pro Juventute is seeking to address – by creating equal opportunities for  young people. The money raised from these annual stamp issues  support projects working in this area. 

Stamp Booklet

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