18 November 2015

Festivals of India – Chhath Puja




Date of Issue : 31 December 2009

Chatth Puja is being celebrated all over India by Hindu Community of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh .Chhath  is an ancient Hindu festival of Nepalese and Indian devotes dedicated to the Hindu Sun God, Surya and Chhathi Maiya (ancient Vedic Goddess ; only sister of god Sun and Usha). The Chhath Puja is performed in order to thank Surya for sustaining life on earth and to request the granting of certain wishes.This festival is observed by people living in Nepal and India .Nepal Post issued a postage stamp to commemorate Chhath Festival on 31st December 2009.


The Sun, considered as the god of energy and of the life-force, is worshiped during the Chhath festival to promote well-being, prosperity and progress. In Hinduism, Sun worship is believed to help cure a variety of diseases, including leprosy, and helps ensure the longevity and prosperity of family members, friends, and elders.


Women celebrate Chhath Puja in Patna. (Source: PTI photo)

The rituals of the festival are rigorous and are observed over a period of four days. They include holy bathing, fasting and abstaining from drinking water (Vratta), standing in water for long periods of time, and offering prashad (prayer offerings) and arghya to the setting and rising sun.

Stamp image Courtesy : Pradip Jain - Patna

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