30 October 2015

Stamp on World Food Day



Date of Issue : 16 October 2015

The Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar  issued a commemorative postage stamp on 16th October 2015.This postage stamp celebrates a day which was established by member countries of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1979. The theme of World Food Day for the year 2015 is “Social protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty” in order to emphasize the importance of measures that are being taken with the goal of reducing rural poverty and creating an approach to food and resources for buying food.


Researches show that a small number of countries through history has experienced a rapid economical development and poverty reduction, and that there has not preceded an agriculture development.

Agriculture is not only an economic activity. It is a way of life, coexistence with nature, heritage of our ancestors and a cultural distinction. Its non-material contribution is immeasurable in preserving ecological bio-diversity, managing water resources and protecting habitation, landscapes and the earth.

The most essential role of agriculture is solving the world famine problem, most commonly in rural areas. And the only way of solving this problem is that inhabitants of rural areas produce enough of their own food or that they have enough money to buy that food.

That is why support is necessary at all levels, in order to encourage economic and technical cooperation in between non-developed countries and developing countries. It is especially necessary to stimulate participation of rural women in activities that affect their everyday life activities. (Željka Šaravanja)

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