24 October 2015

New Christmas stamps



Date of Issue : 3 November 2015

Royal Mail has issued Christmas stamps since 1966. From 2005 it introduced a policy of alternating secular with religious designs each year, and 2015 is a religious year. The stamps tell the traditional Nativity story in an impressionistic style, from the Annunciation, through to the Nativity and journey of the Magi.

The Christmas 2015 stamps feature scenes from the Biblical story of the Nativity, painted by artist David Holmes, with art direction and design by Studio David Hillman.


image image


The images are as follows:

2nd Class and 2nd Class Large: The journey to Bethlehem

1st Class and 1st Class Large: The Nativity

£1.00: The animals of the Nativity

£1.33: The shepherds

£1.52: The three wise men

£2.25: The Annunciation

Club News

A new book “The 1929 Indian Air Mail Stamps of India”  has recently been released. The Book lists more than 200 errors in 6 stamps of 1929 Airmail issue. Interested philatelists may contact Markand Dave : Email : markand7@yahoo.com



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