13 August 2015

Singapore 2015 - World Stamp Exhibition




SINGAPORE 2015 is the 3rd World Stamp Exhibition to be held in Singapore. It is to be held in conjunction with Singapore's 50th Year of Independence, with the full support and patronage of the Federation lnternationale de Philatelie (FIP) and under the auspices of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP).


Singapore last hosted the World Stamp Exhibition in 1995 and the inaugural World Stamp Championship in 2004. Gathering the experience of both exhibitions and with effort to commemorate Singapore's Golden Jubilee in 2015, Singapore managed to bid for the hosting rights of this event successfully. Singpex Pte Ltd is the appointed organiser for this event.


  • Display from the archives of the Singapore Philatelic Museum.
  • Exhibits from distinguished collections showing the development of Singapore's 180 years of postal history and stamps.
  • Exhibits of world-wide award winning collections.

Date   : 14 - 19 August 2015

Venue   : Sands Expo® & Convention Centre

Book on Gandhi Memorial stamp to be launched on 15 August 2015

imageDuring the exhibition  Mr Pradip Jain’s Book  on Gandhi Memorial stamp is going to be launched on 15th August, 4 PM at the exhibition venue of Singapore 2015. Mr Pradip Jain is  a noted aerophilatelist of India and he  will also exhibit his One Frame collection 1929 India Airmail Stamp  at the exhibition. 

image image





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