07 August 2015

New special covers



To commemorate Narayan Seva Sansthan for doing more than 2,50,000 free of cost operations of by birth disabled and Polio affected children, a special cover was released on 31st July 2015 at the function organized at Narayan Seva Sansthan campus, Badi Gram, Udaipur. Special Cover was released by Shri N. D. Prajapati, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices and was presented to the co-founder Padma Shri Kailash Manav and Shrimati Kamla Devi Agrawal. The special cover depicts first Polio Hospital established by Narayan Seva Sansthan and the cancellation depicts logo of NSS.


Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS) is an NGO established in 1985 by Dr. Kailash Agrawal ‘Manav’ to treat patients suffering from polio, cerebral palsy and serve the orthopedically handicapped and disabled. Aim of this NGO is to provide education and vocational training to the disabled and mentally retarded people with proper facilities to develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant and independent. This organization also works closely with hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, mentally retarded children, handicapped and individuals. Poor, needy and physically challenged persons are being operated “free of cost” at “Narayan Sewa Sansthan”. Thereafter, they are imparted with vocational training, so as to enable them to earn their livelihood on their own.


Courtesy - Indian Philately Digest


Release of Special Covers on Godavari Pushkaralu at Rajahmundry – 13th, 15th and 16th July 2015

On 13th July 2015 a special cover was released on the occasion of Godavari Pushkaralu Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Shri Chandrababu Naidu and Chief Postmaster General, Andhra Pradesh Postal Circle, Shri B.V. Sudhakar depicting Havelock and Arch bridges of Rajahmundry and State Government Pushkaram logo. My Stamp on Godavari Pushkaram was also presented by Shri Sudhakar to Shri Chandrababu Naidu on the occasion.

Rajahmundry is a place of great historical importance. It was known as Rajamahendravaram, being a capital of the Hindu kingdoms of the Deccan and a place of many revolutions and battles and many poets and scholars wrote their epics here. River Godavari is the prime attraction of Rajahmundry with two bridges over the river that are said to be the longest.

The Old Godavari Bridge or the Havelock Bridge was built in 1900 by Sir Arthur Cotton, now decommissioned; this bridge has 56 spans and is 2.754 km long. It was constructed with stone masonry and steel girders and certainly a marvel of British engineering. The Godavari Arch Bridge was later constructed as a replacement for the Havelock Bridge.

It is a bowstring-girder bridge and one of the longest span prestressed concrete arch bridges in Asia. The Indian Railways who built this bridge have stated that "It is perhaps for the first time anywhere in the world that a bowstring arch girder using concrete has been constructed for such a long span of 97.55 metres, for the Railway loading." It is one of the recognised symbols of Rajahmundry.

Havelock – Arch Bridges



Date of release : 13 July 2015  - Rajamandry

Koti Lingala Revu ghat


Date of release : 15 July 2015 – Rajamundry

Courtesy – Indian Philately Digest , Sreejesh Krishnan, Trivandrum

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