18 June 2015

New stamps on sports



28th SEA Games at Singapore


Date of Issue – 5 June 2015

Singapore Post has released special stamps to celebrate Singapore hosting the . The four commemorative stamps feature the official mascot Nila and were put into circulation on the 5th of June.


Designed by graphic designer Wong Wui Kong, SingPost said the 28th SEA Games stamp issue will be treasured memento for sport enthusiasts and stamp collectors. “The SEA Games is an important regional activity and returns to Singapore after 22 years. It is also held this year which is Singapore’s 50th year of independence”, the press release said.


Held every two years since 1959, the SEA Games feature a rich mixture of sports, many that are on the Olympic program but also a few that keep faith with the region’s unique sporting interests, including the exotic pencak silat, sepak takraw and dragon boat racing.

Singapore last hosted the Games in 1993 but specifically asked to stage the SEA Games this year as part of its 50th anniversary of independence from Malaysia.Organised by Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC), the Games are held from Jun 5 to 16 with Singapore Sports Hub as the main venue for the Games.

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