17 June 2015

Majestic emperor penguin on new US stamp




Date of Issue – 1 June 2015

US Postal Service has released a  stamp dedicated to animals. This particular issue pays tribute to the majestic emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri). The item was unveiled and put into circulation on the 1st of June.


Largest of the penguin species, the emperor stands over three feet tall and can weigh more than 80 pounds. Emperor penguins rely on a layer of fat and a waterproof coat of short, stiff feathers to protect them from the subzero temperatures, powerful winds, and icy waters in their Antarctic habitat. Emperor penguins can dive deeper than 1,500 feet in pursuit of fish, squid, and crustaceans ‒ farther than any other bird. They can stay submerged for nearly 20 minutes, though they usually resurface much sooner.

Penguins Digital Color Postmark



The stamp art is a stylized drawing of a pair of emperor penguins on a cool green background. The pop of orange and yellow on the birds’ beaks and ear patches lends a regal look to the aptly named emperors.

Penguins is being issued in self-adhesive sheets of 20 and coils of 100 stamps. The words “ADDITIONAL OUNCE” on this stamp indicate its usage value. Like a Forever® stamp, it will always be equal in value to the applicable price for the price category printed on them at the time of use.

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