19 April 2015

New Postmarks and stationery on wildlife from Germany



From May 5th to June 30th a new machine  postmark with slogan is available at the Mail Centre in

12529 SCHÖNFELD. The logo of the machine postmark will feature a Eurasian eagle-owl(Bubo Bubo).


Postmark and Postcard on Langur




The new postmark and a Postmark to be issued on 27th June  feature the head of a Grey langur  and the stationery (postcard) feature a group of Grey langurs. In background the image of a Indian elephant.

Both items are available on June 27th in Germany during a philatelic exhibition of German Philatelic Collector Group .

Interested philatelists may please contact : Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ARGE ZOOLOGIE. Mail:Wolfgang.beyer1@aol.de . Postage rate: 0,80 Euro AIRMAIL.

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