23 August 2014

Tirkish cuisine on stamps..



Date of Issue : 15 August 2014

Here is new stamp set of stamps  on  gastronomy. Turkey Post issued a   commemorative sheet with the theme of  Local Dishes Southeastern Anatolia Region on 15th August 2014.


Local cuisine of Southeastern Anatolia Region heavily dependent on meaty fare, with Gaziantep and Urfa being renowned nationwide for their local varieties of kebabs. A local popular product is pistachio, grown in the countryside surrounding Gaziantep and Siirt, in the southwest and northeast of the region respectively. Gaziantep variety is smaller and tastier, but both are worth a try.

New Special Cover 

A special cover on 'World Elephant day' was released on 12 August 2014 at Bangalore.


: Vijay Kumar Jain – Jaipur : Sreejeshkrishnan - Trivandrum

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