10 July 2014

Costumes on stamp..



Date of Issue : 18 July 2014

On 18 July 2014 Austria Post will issue a postage stamp featuring traditional costume of Austria.

Traditional dress from Aussee is famous for its many variations, delicate patterns and colourful accessories. It embodies both a joy of living and a feeling of belonging. In addition, traditional dress is a perfect choice for any occasion.

The classic Ausseer women’s costume consists today of a green body, a pink skirt and a purple skirt that is replaced on feast days by a black apron. The men costume, however, consists of a hand-stitched leather trousers in length adapts to the seasons, a jacket with a wide pleat at the back, green piece, sturdy shoes, hat. Numerous variations, fine patterns and colorful accessories make the Ausseer costume an eye-catcher, press vitality and local ties and offer the right wardrobe for every occasion.

Golden Jubilee year 2013-2014 of Rotary Club of Mulund


India Post,  Maharashtra & Goa Postal Circle issued a Special Cover on 01st July 2014 on Golden Jubilee year 2013-2014 of Rotary Club of Mulund .  (Special Cover Approval No. MH/17/2014)


: Ankit Agrawal – Pune : email : 3dankit@gmail.com

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