05 December 2010

Pride of India Collection …



Hi ! Here is the recent issue from Pride of India Collection, commemorating Agni II . It’s a gold plated replica of the stamp. The stamp was originally issued on Ist January 2000 . Thanks to Dr Pradip Jain of Balod (MP) for this Post . This is all for Today..…Till Next Post…….Have a Great Time !



The Agni-2 (fire) is an intermediate-range, rail/road-mobile, solid-propellant ballistic missile. The Agni-2 underwent its first flight test on 11,April 1999 from Wheeler’s Island in the Bay of Bengal. It is a nuclear capable missile  and can be launched within 15 minutes after order. This missile is very prestigious for Indian defense and the same for all of us so a beautiful stamp with a dove showing that our this mission is one of peaceful deterrence.It was released on 1st Jan.2000.This is the subject of recently issued 18th replica by Pride of India.


Stamp Issue Date – 1 January 2000 

For more details log on to http://www.prideofindiacollection.com/

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