01 December 2010

Birds of Bangladesh..

Date of Issue – 27 September 2010

Hi ! Here is an extremely beautiful set of stamps issued by Bangladesh Post featuring four lovely common birds of Bangladesh – House Sparrow, Red Munia,Spotted Dove and common Mynah. Bangladesh Post has featured them on Miniature sheet and sheetlet. These are the birds which are also commonly found in India . This beautiful set will be admired by all bird lovers and stamp collectors as bird is one of the most favorite themes of collectors all over the world. The number of house sparrow has decreased considerably in recent years so it has become favorite of all and collectors look for the stamps on house sparrows !! Thanks to Mr Pradip Jain of Patna for today’s Post. This is all for today….Till Next Post….Have a Great Time !

Bangladesh 2010 new issue Page - 6

Bangladesh 2010 new issue Page - 6

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