01 September 2010

Legendary Stamp Engraver - Slania

Date of Issue – 26 August 2010

On 26 August, 2010, An Post issued a stamp to commemorate legendary stamp engraver, Czeslaw Slania.

Czeslaw Slania was born near Katowice in southern Poland on 22 October, 1921, and became one of the world's most prominent stamp engravers. In 1945, he enrolled at the Academy of Art in Krakow. The Government printing house was located nearby and for a time he worked there as a bank note engraver. In April, 1960, the Swedish Post Office employed him as a full-time designer and engraver.

Slania 4

Czeslaw Slania

Slania used many different methods of engraving stamps and pioneered new production techniques. During his long career, he produced more than 1,000 stamps and was frequently honoured for producing the world's most beautiful stamp. He engraved stamps for 31 countries, including Ireland. Czeslaw Slania died in Krakow, Poland on 17 March, 2005.

The stamp for this joint issue was one of Czeslaw Slania's own favourites and depicts a scene from the ballet Romeo and Juliet. It was designed by Gustav Martensson, with photography by Enar Merkel Rydberg and engraving by Czeslaw Slania. Steve Simpson was responsible for additional typography and layout, and also designed the first day cover.

Some Best Stamps engraved by Slania

Slania 2

Slania 5

Slania 7

Slania 1


Slania 6


The label being highly symbolic, shows Slania with his 1000th engraving (2001) in his hand, and in the background the emblem of Guinness World Record book granted to Slania for this engraving being the largest engraved stamp ever issued. The "denomination" of 1000 refers to the 1000th engraving. In the context it must be remembered that Slania himself was an avid boxer and as such a great admirer of the world champions. The number "24" top right refers to label No. 24 of the original Slania-set.

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