09 February 2010

Visit Sri Lanka Stamp series….

Pasikudah Beach

Hi ! In today’s Post I wish to share a beautiful stamp series to be issued by Sri Lanka Post shortly in the month of March. The souvenir sheet features picturesque view of famous beaches of Sri Lanka. I am thrilled to see how rich is Sri Lanka in scenic beauty. Below I have also shown some more tentative issues of Sri Lanka featuring National Park of Sri Lanka. My thanks to Mr Pradeep Jain of Patna who sent info about these beautiful souvenir sheets. I take you from sea to the hills of Himalayas where I live. Kullu & Manali are in the grip of severe cold & snow. Manali experienced heavy snowfall last night . I am thrilled to imagine of snowfall at Manali…. It is difficult to type on keyboard as the fingers become numb while typing….I have to warm them again and again. Here are some pics of the dark clouds taken by me in the morning. This is the natural view without any special photo effect. The dark woods without leaves….The fresh snow can be seen on the hills behind my house….This is all for Today…..Till Next Post ….Have a Wonderful Time !

Forthcoming Issues of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 2010 forthcoming New issues page2

Trincompalee Beach

Sri Lanka 2010 forthcoming New issues page2

Arugam Bay Beach

Horton Plains National Park

Sri Lanka 2010 forthcoming New issues page1

Amidst The Dark Clouds……


Dark Clouds behind the woods



Fresh snow on Kullu Hills


Amidst the dark Clouds….


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Santosh PM said...

Thank you for posting these. They are lovely and informative.

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