30 January 2010

Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi



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Today is 62nd  Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Nation Pays homage to Father of the Nation. Here are souvenir replica issued by Gujarat Postal  Circle in honour of Mahatma Gandhi which features the Gens of Indian Philately. I am sharing this beautiful replica here. My special thanks to Dr Henmant Kulkrani who has sent me the magnificent stamp  (shown above) & FDC  issued by UNPA in honour of this great Indian Leader. I express my gratitude to Dr Kulkarni for  this special stamp  with traffic lights and  UNPA enblem on the tab . I also express my thanks to veteran philatelist of our country, Prof Venkatesh Yalvigi of Bangalore for his special philatelic tribute to our  Father of Nation ! This post is dedicated to The all great leaders of the world who sacrificed their life for their Nation  !!

Gems of Indian Philately

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Was there a man in flesh and blood whom many of us Have seen, read and heard, whose image was chosen for stamps, coins & currency Notes of more than hundred countries of the world in our life time?

Yes there was a man! Only one man! ! He was Mohandas Karmachand Gandhi ! Universally known as Mahatma Gandhi. Only Gandhi who lived as a very ordinary man but died as Martyr, who gave the world, the world of sophisticated weapons, the world that vied for each others blood, the world full of hate & selfishness, by the only balm of love and sacrifice, by the only remedy of Satyagraha known as Non Violence and “Non-Cooperation” the ultimate theory of “Do or Die” So that the millions might live and let live.

Mahatma was a messiah of India who walked into huts or palaces to remove the tears and bestow the joys. Such a man - Mahatma, has been honoured all over the world on many  commemorative stamps first day covers & special cancellations . More than hundred countries of the world have issued more than 250 stamps in all. Coins and currency notes have been issued mostly in India and very few countries in the world.

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2ND OCTOBER 2009, - the 140th Birthday of our Mahatma Gandhiji is declared as “NON VIOLENCE DAY” to be observed every year by the all the Nations of the world. This is the resolution of the World body- to commemorate this the UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION (UNO) has issued a Special Gandhi stamp of $1. & a special cover with 2-10-2009 cancellation this year.. Probably GANDHIJI is the only personality who has this honour bestowed by the world body -UNO ! WHAT AN HONOUR TO “ FATHER OF OUR NATION!”




A sand sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi

Sand Sculpture event to mark Gandhi’s death anniversary in Porbandar

The Government of Gujarat has organized a grand sand-sculpture event at Porbandar chowpatty on 30th January 2010, death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Orissa based renown sand sculptor artist Manmohan Mahapatra   has trained about 70 students in Porbandar who will create various sand sculptures at Porbandar chowpatty on 29th and 30th January. A sand sculpture of Porbandar’s famous Kirti Mandir, birth place of Mahatma Gandhi will also be made.

Mahapatra s would make 40 by 15 ft size grand sand-sculpture, about 70 students trained by him since 6 January this year will create smaller sculptures in about 300 meter area using around five thousand square ft coastal sand.

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