09 April 2019

Recent Special covers from Karnataka......

Veerabhadreshwara Temple, Humnabad : 4 January 2019

Special Cover - KTK-03-2019 - Veerabhadreshwara Temple, Humnabad

Shri Veerabhadreshwara Temple Humnabad built in 1725 by Raja Ramchandra Jadhav and dedicated to Lord Veerabhadreshwara another form of Lord Shiva. Temple is famous for its moving pillars. A Seven days annual Veerabhadreshwara Jatra is being celebrated in the month of January in a massive way. The devotees come during jatra for performing FIRE WALK. 

Sukshetra Harkud : 7 January 2019

Special Cover - KTK-04-2019 - Sukshetra Harkud

Sukshetra Harkud Hiremath Sansthan, Harkud, Taluk Basavakalyan is part of an important cultural heritage of Veershaiva s in Karnataka. With a significant & unique history Shri Math contributed and supported the socio-reltgious reformation movement in 12th century. Established as a Sutra Math of Shri Rambhapuri Acharya peeth, today with good governance of its 8th peethadhikari Shri Sha. Bra. Dr. Channaveer Shivacharyaru, evolved into a center for spirituality, education, religion, culture and literature.

Special Cover - KTK/02/2019 - World Braille Day  

This special cover depicts World Braille Day, which is being celebrated every year on January 4th, the birthday of Louis Braille who is inventor of Braille Script. 

- Suresh R, Bangalore : email - suresh.hobbies@gmail.com

Club News

Glimpses of Philatelic Seminar, Nadiad : 6 April 2019

- Timir Shah, Vadodara

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