14 July 2018

FIFA World Cup Football- Russia 2018

The 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP FOOTBALL is the 21st FIFA World Cup held every four years . It is being held in Russia  from 14 Jun 2018 to 15 July 2018 at 12 Venues across Russian cities . A total of 32 teams are participating. The Final will be played on 15 Jul 2018 between France and Croatia.

A Large number of countries have issued stamps on this event .Few stamps ,FDC's and Sheets are shown. 

Part 1

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus– 2018 FIFA World Cup Football -FDC & PANE

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus  has issued a se-tenant pair  and a pane of three se-tenant  on 2018 FIFA World Cup being held in Russia. The 1.50 Turkish Lira each  stamps were issued on 14 Jun 2018. . A First Day cover with a se-tenant pair and a pane of three se-tenant pairs is listed.

The quantity printed is 20,000 each stamp and 6,000 panes of three se-tenant pairs.The stamps have been designed by Gorel K Sonmezer.

SERBIA -2018 FIFA World Cup Football - FDC & STAMPS

Serbia has issued a set of two stamps and a miniature sheet  on 2018 FIFA World Cup being held in Russia. The 23& 74 Dinar stamps & 170 Dinar miniature sheet was issued on 14 Jun 2018. .  The MS designed by MA Jaska Vlahovic.

Serbia is participating in World Cup after eight years ,it last played in 2010 World Cup.In this 2018 World Cup have not qualified for second stage. Two First Day Covers with cancellation on Football is listed.                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                           To be contd.....
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