23 February 2018

New Pictorial Postmarks

New postmarks on animals from Germany

On 11th March 2018 a pictorial postmark   will be available in 74072 HEILBRONN. The postmark is featuring a European Wildcat (Felis Silvestris), animal of the year 2018 in Germany.

On 29th March 2018  a pictorial postmark will be available  in 60549 FRANKFURT/MAIN . The postmark is featuring a Rainbow-billed toucan(Ramphastos sulfuratus).  The postmark is for a FIRST FLIGHT from Frankfurt/Main to San Jose,Costa Rica.

Postmark on Dino from South Korea

On February 28th 2018  a postmark will be available in South Korea .
The pictorial postmark  features a SPINOSAURUS.

- Wolfgang Beyer, German Philatelic Federation (BDPh)

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