02 September 2017

Postmark on Peacock feather

New postmark on bird from Czech Republic

On October 6th 2017  a pictorial postmark  will be available in Jilemnice (Czech Republic).
The pictorial postmark is featuring a feather of a peacock.

- Wolfgang Beyer. Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ArGe  Zoologie

Club News

Grand old philatelist of Dehradun is no more......

Very Sorry to inform the philatelists of Dehradun and all my philatelist friends that grand old philatelist of Dehradun and President of Doon Philatelic Club , Shri PC Agrawal passed away on 31st August 2017. He was a very enthusiast philatelist, despite his old age and poor health condition, he attended the meetings of the club and shared experiences of his long philatelic journey. He had a wonderful collection of FDCs and old letters from several countries. Our heartfelt condolences to all his family members . May god give them strength to bear this loss. We will always miss him....May his soul rest in peace....

Shri PC Agrawal with members of Doon Philatelic Club

Gunjan Maithel, Mrs Anita Maithel, , Shri PC Agrawal, Ajay Srivastav, Abhai Mishra, Rajesh Verma

Celebrating 100th Issue of Rainbow Stamp News

Interview with Shri PC Agrawal

1.      At the age of 85, you look so enthusiastic, energetic  and willing to do something or the other. Your life has been full of thrill, creativity, and adventure. Your brief opinion about your life?

Live the life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it as you can live once only .In fact, exploring and living the life as far as possible has been my mission since  my childhood. So, I believe how old you get it does not matter till you are young at heart. Creativity is one which gives immense satisfaction and enjoy . So, I tried my best throughout my life to learn more, to explore and to enjoy the life beside doing my duties honestly.

2.      It is seen that children are the one who easily get attracted to the beautiful and mesmerizing colors of the stamps. Tell us something about how you got in to the world of philately. Also tell about your philatelic interests.

In my case also I was attracted towards the beautiful stamps at the age of 14. One of my friends introduced me to his father who was a veteran philatelist who practically introduced me to the stamps and from here my journey to the world of stamps started. In 1947 a refugee laborer from Peshawar working at a house gave me 100 years old Indian stamps of the British era to boost my thirst for stamps. My philatelic interests are many such as Indian Stamps, Assorted stamps, Indian postal history covers, FDC’s etc. I have put them in albums, stock books and also some stamps are affixed in pre printed albums.

3.      Philately is king of hobbies and hobby of kings? How far this statement is justified in today’s scenario? What is that which you admire the most in philately?

Beyond any doubt, philately in king of hobbies but I slightly differ from the statement as now it is hobby of masses. It caters to a very simple poor person to a King. Philately has in its store so much to deliver. With spread of so many fields of philately, it serves every one. Thematic philately touches hearts of every one. Yes, postal history is a costly affair.

The versatility, the vastness, the colours of the stamps, the journey of a letter from sender to the addressee .. are all which I like the most. Indian stamps do have special place in my heart.

    Philatelic clubs and societies play a vital role in development and promotion of philately  &  helps to enjoy and explore philately. How do you feel after joining the Doon Philatelic Club.

Yes, philatelic clubs and societies are very essential for development and promotion of philately. There are digital sites, magazines, journals, exchange and sale purchase sites but local clubs have their own importance. Everyone looks for appreciation. The will to share and learn is always there. The clubs and societies do the same. These also helps in strengthening the bond of friendship and brotherhood.
I feel very  happy and also proud to be member of Doon Philatelic Club. The composition of its members has versatility as  members belong to different age groups, have different  philatelic interests, there are very senior and renowned philatelists, people from different walks of life are there….. all bunched together in this club gives me immense pleasure. I mean there is lot which can be learnt and delivered amongst the members.  I am thankful to all the members who elected me the founder president of the club.

5.      You are  a man with versatile personality who enjoyed the life in open manner. A photographic genius, asocial worker, a hardcore Violin Player, the first man  who went on India Tour on a motor cycle,..a man who was looking forward for world tour on motorcycle, a man who promoted art, drama and culture during his college days…. I mean  its amazing. Please  tell us briefly  about  some of these interesting aspects of your personality?

As I have already opined that I wanted to enjoy every moment of life so I tried my best  in all the possible ways. Photography always fascinated me. I had a LEICA and a ROLICARD camera in those days . I was in to music since my childhood (at the age of 12) and got training for Instrumental music. Yes, Violin has been very close to my heart and I excelled in violin playing too. Becoming first man to have travelled throughout India in 1958  on Royal Enfield motorcycle. This gave me strength as it was very difficult in  those days to think and more to complete such solo journey. It was tough and full of adventure crossing rivers, passing through dense forests, deserts, meeting with minor accident ,facing motorcycle breakdown in remote area, passing nights on road side etc. etc..  .Drama and stage plays  were close to my heart. I was the founder president of the JUNIOR CHAMBERS in 1965 under which I started the GANDI CENTANERY EYE HOSPITAL in Dehradun. I was also selected in J.S.W.(Army) though I didn’t peruse it. I am thankful  to my family who always encouraged me to live the life to the fullest. My wife too has been an excellent painter.  I won’ t say I have achieved  whatever I wanted but I am satisfied with what I could do but of course, there is still desire to do something new…

6.      Rainbow is an established philatelic digital journal. How do you feel after having copies of Rainbow in your hand/on your desktop. Tell some thing about your experience about such journals and their place in promotion of philately ?

Rainbow is truly  a marvelous philatelic journal which covers various desired aspects of philately and keeps the readers updated. In a short span of time, Rainbow has become my necessity as I enjoy reading the contents again and again. My thanks to Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti who puts so much of hard work into it. The regular contributors like Mr. Naresh Agarwal, Dr. Satyendra Agrawal and Dr. Jagtap etc.  too deserve all appreciation. My sincere thanks to all of them.
Yes, philatelic journals and magazines are essential for new and veteran stamp lovers and philatelists. They help in promotion and development of philately as they serve knowledge and act as platform to put your views.

     As you have told, you have collected philatelic material on different aspects of philately. Tell us about your plans about what you are going to do with the philatelic assets you have. Are you going to dispose that off or planning to preserve the same?

I do have sufficient philatelic material like stamps and covers of different era and countries which I love and love only. Apart from philatelic material I do have good number of memorabilia . I have never thought of disposing those off through sales. My children want those to be preserved  and give an opportunity to the coming generations to know about their family. I have good number of marvelous pieces of precision paintings done by my wife on thin cloth. The methodology to preserve the things is being worked upon by my children who love me the most.

8.      In the modern world, when the life styles and priorities have changed, many new sports and hobbies including virtual games have emerged, children have become more conscious about their career; how can philately survive? What are the affects of over-commercialization of the hobby?

Philately is king of hobbies and is immortal. There may be emergence of thousands of new hobbies but their effect is short term. Their lives are limited. Like new  songs which have very limited life. I have firm belief that “Old is Gold”. .Yes, priorities have changed, aspiration are different, life has become fast… but you know one has to stop somewhere.. and there philately serves as friend and healer which gives relief.. satisfaction, joy and pleasure.
Yes, commercialization has given new direction to the hobby as it has limited the birth of new philatelists. But It is a temporary phase which will pass and has short term effects.

9.      Finally, your views about your family support in your philatelic journey  and your message to the youngsters regarding adopting philately as hobby when there are several means of entertainment mainly the digital
As already mentioned by me, my family has always been a big support for me. My parents encouraged me when I was child and young, my wife always stood by me and my children are always my admirer.  I will advise youngsters to live the life happily. Work hard with full devotion and dedication. Philately is such a hobby which stays in heart not in brain. Live the life through brain and love the life through heart.

 Interview : Naresh Agrawal

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