07 May 2017

Ancient Civilizations on Greek stamp

Ancient Civilizations Forum - Athens 2017

On 5th May I put a query for the Readers of Rainbow Stamp Club to find out The symbol representing Ancient Indian  Civilization. It was  quite a difficult question. I received response from the Readers but only one could answer correctly. 

It is none other but the distinguished reader of this Blog and Rainbow Stamp News Mr M. Mahadev of Navi Mumbai. Many Many Congratulations !! Here is the full answer by Mr Mahdev.

The list of symbols, the civilization depicted on the souvenir sheet and the countries they represent is as follows (anticlockwise):

Symbol                                                     Country

1. Great wall of China (Qin Dynasty)        China

2. Sphinx (Pharaoh)                                  Egypt

3.  Pyramid (Mayan)                                  Mexico

4. Two Birds (Indus valley painting)           India

5. Parthenon - Acropolis, Athens              Greece

6. Inca God                                                Peru, Bolivia

7. Colosseum, Rome                                 Italy

8. Winged lion (Persia)                              Iran

9. Ziggurat (Mesopotamia)                        Iraq    
Thus in all 9 symbols representing the civilizations which fall in the above 10 countries.


The "Two Feeding  Birds" symbol on the stamp has been taken from Harappa Pottery  ( Terracotta Vessel with painted polychrome design of geometric panels, two flying Birds and two feeding Birds.) representing Indus Valley Civilization. 

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