23 March 2017

Otto Waalkes: Colorful greeting from the Ottifant

Date of Issue : 1 March 2017

Otto Gerhard Waalkes is a Frisian comedian and actor. He became famous in the 1970s and 1980s in Germany with his shows, books and movies. His perhaps most famous trademark are the 'Ottifanten', elephant-like comic characters of his own design.

Otto Waalkes: Colorful greeting from the Ottifant

Otto Waalkes - Gray Ottifant brings color to the post No matter how gray a day is - Ottifanten make it even more gray! The trademark of Otto Waalkes encourages fans of the cult comedian and now also the customers of the German Post. From the new special mark, the smuggler laughs and addressees under a colorful rainbow and blue sky. Thus the Ottifant conquered Germany and brought a piece of his creator Otto to your post. Otto has been on the stage for more than 50 years and makes people laugh. His comic figure, the Ottifant, is as famous as himself - and looks almost the same.
For the Ottifant actually started as a self-portrait. Even before Otto studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg, he painted almost every day. As a young man he invented the Ottifanten when he wanted to draw himself: "I always tried to draw myself in the profile myself. But the nose was too long for me, and everyone thought of being an elephant. Then I continued to try them out, the whole thing was extended to the trunk, pointed toe and stub legs drawn and the figure named after me: Ottifant! "The Ottifant has meanwhile made an efficient career. Not only did he become the hero of various comic strips, in 1993 the private RTL also broadcast the series "Ottis Ottifanten". On average, 2.1 million viewers watched. In 2001 the series came as a "commando Störtebecker" even on the cinema. The only one who still has more Ottifanten at home than the fans is Otto himself: "Nothing is more free from Ottifanten. They are just everywhere! On my floor-mats, in my wardrobe, on my windowsill, in my paintings, on my t-shirts, even in my signature. "The Ottifant is now even in the mailbox after newspapers, television and cinema Stamp.
Source : Deutsche Post

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